Safety Rules

We reserve the right to deny entry to people who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or stimulants, pregnant women and people with physical incapacities that, in the judgment of the staff responsible, do not have the capacity of staying afloat by themselves and using the facilities by themselves without entailing a risk for themselves and other users.

  • Minors under 7 years of age must wear life jackets and be accompanied by someone over 15 years old.

  • Entry is forbidden to anyone under the effect of alcohol or drugs.

  • It is forbidden to smoke, eat or drink in the park.

  • It is forbidden to do forward rolls or flips.

  • It is forbidden to dive in the perimeter or its surroundings.

  • Do not manipulate any of the elements of the park.

  • Violent games are not allowed. Be respectful towards the other users, especially children. Help people to pull themselves out of the water if they ask for it.

  • Jump into the water feet first after making sure that there are no people swimming underneath. Never jump in head first.

  • On the tower, do not stand under someone who is climbing because they can fall on top of you.

  • Do not stay on the top of the tower; jump off immediately.

  • Always follow the indications of the instructors.

  • You can only access the park wearing bathing clothes and no flip flops. You cannot bring in sharp objects like selfie sticks, jewels, watches, hair clips, etc.

  • We are not responsible for the loss or damage to personal belongings, including those which are left on the pier or in our custody.

  • The firm is not responsible for any injuries the clients could suffer if they do not follow the above-mentioned rules or inadequate or reckless use of the park.

  • When buying the ticket, you agree to the park’s safety rules, and acknowledge that you are in a sufficient mental and physical conditions to access all the elements in the park, know how to swim, are not pregnant or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or stimulants.